Suboxone to be more regulated and easier access to in Canada

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Suboxone to be more regulated and easier access to in Canada

Post by fighting for Suboxone on Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:35 pm

Would love to hear everyone's stories and challenges they have incurred trying to access suboxone and Methadone. Lately on the news all over the world, especially Canada there have been many overdoses due to a rise in fentanyl use. Unfortunately we cannot understand why the college of physicians in Canada are not making this life saver of medication more available. There are up to 5 month waiting lists to get into any Methadone clinics in Alberta and British Columbia alone and 5 months is way to long for Opioid addicts and loved ones to have to wait for treatment especially when we are paying the cost of the drug out of pocket. We need to change this quickly. Please start writing so that we can change this so no more people will die before getting this medication in their hands. This forum is not just for Fentanyl users or people in recovery, it is for everyone that has a connection with Opioids or opiates and need to chat. We need to use this forum to expose faults in the system and the pros in the system, success stories and failures.  

IF PHYSICIANS can prescribe Opioids to patients that same physician should be able to prescribe Suboxone to people dying of opioid addiction. All it takes is one urine test to detect that fentanyl or heroin or oxys are being used and at that point a physician should have no choice cause one use of any of these drugs could kill and Suboxone is not abusive the pros out way the risk. It is time for us all to stop hearing about this pain medication crisis and let people live the best normal life they can so The problem is how hard it is for people that live in rural areas, people 5 hours from the next methadone clinic, OUR PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS need to start prescribing this medication. I understand in Ontario that is how it is, if anyone can elaborate on this topic as well that would be great!

Looking forward to this.
We also need a review site on how people are being treated in these clinics. We are all human and deserve to be treated with respect. Love to hear good and bad stories.

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